Manufacturing Facilities

We can provide custom solutions for every customer specific needs. The development process is divided in several aggregate phases starting from the detailed requirements analysis through the conceptual and architectural design. Once the concept and the requirements are validated the detailed design phase can take place, initial prototypes are manufactured and verified with respect to the intended functionalities.

Upon customer acceptance, the production phase can start and the initial idea is brought to reality, the entire process is performed in line with international quality standards and customers indications.

Without a complete and functional manufacturing facility we could miss the last but most important phase of the process that enable the release of the final product to the end customer(s), we are committed daily on improve our production lines and manufacturing in order to assure edge of technology solution to our customers.

Our services range from industrialisation to R&D, we can put in place mass production activities as a few complex prototypes production, we are specialised in activities both and system level and component level focused on respecting deadlines and reducing the overall time to market.